Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our Baby is Two Years Old!

It's been a long time since my last post. Life has been busy! This year, I trained for and completed my first(and probably only!) half marathon! It was the Geist Half, and it was in May. I've also been studying and practicing photography. I'm hoping to do a free session each month this year, and maybe I'll be ready to go professional in 2014. Andrew has been extremely busy at work. It's a great year for people purchasing houses! Matthew finished pre-school(he still has one more year of preschool left) and will attend two camps this summer: Vacation Bible School, and Ocean camp with some of his friends from school. He's been having a lot of fun splashing in his pool, making art projects, and having play dates with his friends so far this summer! Bennett just turned two last week. It's hard to believe that he's already two years old, although it's hard to remember life before he was here! Bennett has been spending his time running errands with me, playing sports with any ball he finds in the house, taking walks, and he's finally starting to say some words. He says about 30 words just in the last few weeks. We signed him up for speech therapy twice a month that starts in July just to make sure he stays on track. He is still in physical therapy weekly, but he's doing so well that we will slow that down soon. He's just building strength and balance, and he loves to show off how awesome he is by running around and directing the therapist to do what he wants. He is such a funny guy!

Both kids had so much fun at Bennett's "camping" birthday party!

Bennett's 2 year photos

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