Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hopefully going home Friday!

Andrew and I went to visit Bennett this morning in the NICU. He's doing really well today! I stayed to breastfeed him, which he did really well with again! I'm surprised how well he does because he is given bottles for feedings all day besides the once per day that I am feeding him. I stayed with him today for a while waiting for the doctors to do their rounds. Bennett was sleeping soundly when we arrived, but he was wide awake after I fed him and was so alert and curious! When the doctors came by, they said that Bennett is doing great and is scheduled for discharge on Friday! His shunt series results from yesterday were good, and he is gaining weight again (now he's 7 pounds, 7 ounces). He has another head ultrasound to check the fluid, needs his Hep B vaccine, hearing test, and carseat challenge (90 minutes in the carseat to make sure he can tolerate it). He also needs to be checked out by the myelo team (the type of spina bifida he has is called myelomenigocele). The neurosurgeon will also recheck him to make sure that he is ready to go. The nurse told us that she will be putting his clothes on today and turning off the warmer to make sure that he is able to hold his body temperature. I'm excited to see him in an outfit because he has not worn clothes yet! He will also be put in a crib as soon as one is available. We are happy that he is doing so well and can't wait for him to come home! I do realize, however, that sometimes there are setbacks and he may not leave on his scheduled day, but it is nice that we have a goal now. The doctors want him to see his general pediatrician next week, so we went ahead and scheduled his first well baby visit! Also, his first clinic day is scheduled for September 27th. This is the day that he will go to Riley's spina bifida clinic and see all the doctors such as the neurosurgeon, othopedics, urology, etc. He will attend this clinic every three months for at least the first year. It seems like there are many things to do, but hopefully we can get all of his testing done and meet our goal for discharge Friday!

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JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

Yay for a hopeful home-day! Praying all goes well tomorrow. Can't wait to watch Bennett grow and meet all those milestones!