Friday, March 9, 2012

Is it spring yet?

We are so happy to experience warmer weather this past week or so! Spring weather and fresh air is exactly what we need right now. We have had a rough time with winter illness in this family! Matthew had a cold and then double ear infection. Bennett had "hand, foot, and mouth", then caught Matthew's cold which turned into bronchiolitis. Bennett is still dealing with that cold and possibly acid reflux. Andrew and I have also caught Matthew's cold. And this has all occurred in the last three weeks!
On a happier note, the kids are still having fun! Bennett is rolling much more and his arms are getting stronger. He is babbling all the time now and loves to take his brothers toys now! Matthew is still enjoying school and his latest craze is "Blue's Clues". I took both boys to the circus with my brother and sister last weekend, and Matthew really had fun! We also recently went to a puppet show and both kids' eyes were glued to the stage! It was fun to see how they enjoyed it!

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