Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter and Milestones

Today is Easter. The boys had a great day seeing family and searching for eggs during three Easter egg hunts. Matthew was great at recognizing his name, and his brother's name, on all of the labeled eggs and baskets today! Both boys made it through the day without any major meltdowns. We are all worn out tonight and it was an early bedtime for the kids! I take that back, Matthew is still laughing in his bed (and playing his new recorder from Nana) trying to settle down.

Bennett turned 10 months old yesterday. During the last two weeks, he has changed so much! He has become very interested in learning to crawl. He is pivoting his body and scooting to get to toys! He has also started babbling so much and sometimes says "mama", "dada", and we think he is saying "duck". He has this new-found energy and excitement about everything, especially table foods! He's growing up fast!


Mz Yvette said...

Hi Melissa! This is Yvette from when we worked at Conseco! I LOVE seeing the updates and pictures of the boys! You and Andrew have done an excellent job! So Very Proud of You! You've come a loooong way from pushing(racing) your Manager around in a wheelchair to pushing your very Own Babies in strollers! And they are Both So Gorgeous!

melneal125 said...

Yvette! Great to hear from you! We sure had some interesting days at conseco! I miss everyone we worked with! Hope you are doing well!