Sunday, September 30, 2012

First Steps!

Bennett took his first steps Thursday, September 27th, 2012! He had his weekly physical therapy earlier that day, but was no where near taking steps. He saved the big moment for the whole family to witness. Andrew, Matthew, and I were in Bennett's room with him getting ready for bed that evening. He decided that it was time to walk, and just took four steps from Andrew to me! We were all so excited for him, and he was so proud of himself that he just kept trying for more! Three steps here, four steps there, and he successfully did this about five times! He walked to all of us. Matthew kept saying "Walk to me, Bennett!" and holding his hands out for him. Bennett was thrilled with himself! He's still learning balance, but he's getting so close to walking full-time! He is communicating better, saying a few words "dad", "ball", "mama"(when he cries), and he imitates a lot of words when we say them. He is very curious and points to everything wanting you to tell him more about it. Bennett loves food, cuddles, blanket and paci, trains, coloring on the art easel, and the dogs!

Matthew started preschool two days per week, and he loves it! He has been such a big helper lately, and he's getting so smart! He makes me laugh every day. He likes to pick his outfit and get dressed on his own now. He has just learned how to control his drawing, and has been crafting elephants, people, rocket ships, etc. He tends to doodle something, decide what it resembles, and then add details. He has also started tracing his name really well, and draws "M"s everywhere! He loves the Disney Junior channel on tv, his favorite show is Octonauts. He rides his tricycle around the house for hours each day. He is a tricycle pro, he is so fast and agile on that trike! Most of all, he loves his little brother! He takes great care of him, always making sure that he is happy. He shares toys and food, and always gives him hugs and kisses.

The boys have a cousin, Harrison! Harrison was born August 21st. He is a sweet, cute baby! We recently went with Aunt Tine for Harrison's first zoo trip!

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